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Tourist Destinations Will be Opened, But…

It is undeniable that the vaccination program affects the steps to reopen a sector, including tourism. The government plans to open three...

What Should You Do After Getting the Vaccine?

Several complaints related to the side effects of vaccines often make us nervous. No need to worry, you can do this right...

Tourism Actors in Tengger doing Vaccination Before Re-opens Tourism

The government continues to intensify vaccination programs in Indonesia, not least for tourism actors in the Mount Bromo area. 

Who is Allowed to Use Moderna Vaccines?

The Indonesian government continues to promote vaccination programs to suppress the Covid-19’s spread. Moderna is one type of vaccine used by the...

Is It True that Moderna’s Side Effects Cause Heart Attacks?

Moderna vaccine effect was 'potentially' cause a rare heart attack in adults. In response to this, the United States Health Authority will...

Vaccination Inequality Still Occurs, WHO Criticizes Vaccine Card Requirements

Policies related to vaccine card requirements have caused controversy for several parties amidst vaccination inequality in several regions in Indonesia. 

Sinovac’s Risk of Causing Bell’s Palsy?

A study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases showed that Bell's palsy increases after the first dose of Sinovac's Covid-19 vaccine. However,...

Did You Have Vaccinated? Here’s How to Check & Download Vaccine...

Vaccine certificates 1 and 2 in the PeduliLindungi application are now a requirement to travel, visit shopping centers and eat at restaurants....

DKI Jakarta Promises Vaccination of Foreigners and Asylum Seekers

The Provincial Government (Pemprov) of DKI Jakarta promises vaccines for foreign refugees and asylum seekers in the capital city.

This is a Requirement for Foreigners to Take Part in the...

The Indonesian government is currently implementing the Covid-19 vaccination to end the Coronavirus pandemic. President Joko Widodo has instructed that there are...