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Beware of Being Infected to Covid-19 Without Indications! These are The Characteristics!

Most of the people who test positive for Covid-19 didn’t have any indication. Last research revealed, around 77 percent of people who received a positive result in coronavirus between late April and last June, were asymptomatic on the day of their test. While 86 percent didn’t have coughing, increased body temperature, or loss of taste or smell.

Researchers at University College London analyzed data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) coronavirus infection survey, which tests thousands of homes every week, regardless of whether people have symptoms. The analysis looked at data from 36,061 people who took the test between April 26 and June 27.

A total of 115 (0.32 percent) had a positive test result, the study found, 27 (23.5 percent) of whom were symptomatic, and 88 (76.5 percent) were asymptomatic on the day of the test.

Here are some signs that can indicate we might have been exposed to Covid-19. So you can be more aware.


Based on the results of a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), fatigue is one of the effects that last long after a person infects with Covid-19. Based on the study, 53% of patients struggle with exhaustion about 60 days after showing coronavirus indications.

Headaches frequently

According to a cardiologist in London, Dr. Dominic Pimenta, at least 70% of Covid-19 sufferers have headaches before being diagnosed. Unfortunately, these characteristics didn’t widely discuss by people. So a lot of people think that is a reasonable thing.

Loss of smell or taste’s sense

Anosmia is one of the main characteristics of a person exposed to the coronavirus. Dr. Amesh A Adalja. MD., The American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS) said that 27% of Covid-19 patients only have recovered from anosmia after seven days. While most of them begin to improve within ten days

Excessive hair-fall

After a person has been exposed to the coronavirus, their hair will fall out easier. This condition is also known as telogen effluvium and has been triggered by several factors ranging from severe stress, weight loss, and illness outside of Covid-19.

Sore throat

52.9% of Covid-19 patients are known to have a sore throat. However, this is often not realized because it’s only considered a feature of the common cold.

Severed flu

According to research at the University of Texas, evidence was found that in every 2 cases of flu, one of them was identified Covid-19.

Vomiting and diarrhea

This one symptom is still rarely discussed. The reason is that only 4% of people are diagnosed with vomiting and diarrhea as a single symptom of covid without any other symptoms.

Shortness of breath

One of the characteristics of people affected by corona is shortness of breath. And for this one feature, you should immediately contact your doctor.

Dry cough

Dry cough can be an indication of exposure to the coronavirus. Reporting to the CDC data, at least 43% of people who have Covid-19 still have a cough up to fourteen or twenty-one days after testing positive.

During increasing cases of Covid-19, make sure you are always beware, keep obeys the health protocols, and take care of your immune system.

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