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Kemenkominfo Prepares Incentives for Faster 5G Internet, Aims to Rank in the Top 10 Worldwide

5G Tower

Indonesia, a nation aspiring to rank among the top 10 countries with the fastest internet in the world, is strategically advancing its 5G network deployment through a series of incentives designed by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kemenkominfo).

In an endeavor to accelerate the rollout of 5G networks, Kemenkominfo is taking the noteworthy step of mitigating or entirely waiving the non-tax state revenue (PNBP) associated with the allocation of 5G frequencies.

Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Budi Arie Setiadi, underscores the profound significance of this strategic maneuver as it seeks to optimize the development of the 5G infrastructure and consequently enhance the internet speed across the Indonesian archipelago.

“In essence, it’s an initial investment by the government. Operators won’t need to pay for it, making it more affordable for them to invest substantial sums in the network,” elucidated Budi during a recent statement on Thursday (28/09/2023).

Budi’s optimism about the transformative potential of 5G is palpable. He firmly believes that with the introduction of 5G technology, Indonesia’s internet speed will align seamlessly with the rapid pace of digital technology advancements.

This vision is deeply intertwined with Kemenkominfo’s unwavering commitment to elevate Indonesia to the echelons of the top 10 countries globally in terms of internet speed, and this feat hinges on the comprehensive development of 5G networks. Consequently, the Indonesian government maintains an unswerving focus on the realization of a robust digital infrastructure.

“It indeed requires substantial investments, significant funding, and a strong commitment to realize digital infrastructure,” he emphasized, underscoring the monumental task at hand.

Furthermore, Budi has set forth an audacious target for Indonesia, the fourth most populous country globally, to secure a spot among the top 10 countries globally for 5G network deployment. He clarifies that while speed remains a relative metric, the primary yardstick of success is the global ranking.

“Our measurement revolves around that. The world is not slowing down in selling its internet. Even if we set a target of 100 Mbps, but the global ranking improves across the board, we’re still on track,” he elucidated, highlighting the global context in which this endeavor unfolds.

Moreover, the government continues to meticulously evaluate and formulate strategic steps aimed at executing superior high-speed 5G network services. Budi adds depth to this initiative by emphasizing collaborative efforts with multiple mobile operators and industry ecosystems to devise the most effective strategies, fostering an environment of innovation and progress.

In the pursuit of providing quality internet services, the government also keeps a vigilant eye on the dynamics of the domestic industry. Minister Budi Arie Setiadi underscores the importance of maintaining high-quality standards while advocating for a competitive spirit within the industry that adheres to ethical and sustainable practices. This dual approach ensures that the benefits of 5G expansion are maximized while safeguarding the integrity of the telecommunications landscape in Indonesia.

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