Home NEWS 5 Indonesian Airports to Have International Standard Lounges

5 Indonesian Airports to Have International Standard Lounges

5 Indonesian Airports to Have International Standard Lounges
5 Indonesian Airports to Have International Standard Lounges (photo: disway.id)

Prepare for a more luxurious travel experience at Indonesian international airports as they roll out upgraded the service of their lounges. Starting with five key airports, passengers can soon enjoy enhanced amenities and comfort during their journeys. Which airports are first in line to offer these elevated services?

This initiative stems from a collaboration between InJourney Aviation Services (IAS) and Plaza Premium Lounge (PPG), renowned for their global leadership in airport lounge operations across numerous international destinations.

IAS CEO, Dendi Danianto, highlighted the partnership’s goal to integrate PPG’s global standards and innovations into airport lounge operations nationwide.

“Our initial focus will be on enhancing lounges at Soekarno-Hatta, Bali, Balikpapan, Makassar, and Medan airports,” Dendi stated during the announcement in Jakarta on Sunday (9/6/2024).

The collaboration targets three main sectors: “One Teco,” a sophisticated technology system supporting seamless electronic transactions and secure service delivery in the hospitality sector.

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Additionally, “Smart Traveler” aims to offer comprehensive digital solutions for passengers, while the “Lounge Management System (LMS)” will streamline operations to deliver an unparalleled experience for travelers across Indonesia’s airports.

Dendi emphasized, “This partnership aims to simplify access to lounge services, ensuring passengers enjoy comfort and memorable experiences throughout their stay.”

PPG CEO, Song Hoi-see, highlighted Southeast Asia’s strategic importance, particularly Indonesia’s position as ASEAN’s largest economy and a rapidly expanding tourism hub.

“We are excited to collaborate with InJourney Aviation Services to introduce cutting-edge technological innovations that will enhance airport lounge operations across Indonesia,” Song added.

As airports gear up for these enhancements, travelers can look forward to a new standard of comfort and convenience, making their journeys through Indonesia’s airports more enjoyable than ever before.

In sum, 5 Indonesian airports are set to introduce international standard lounges, promising a significant enhancement in passenger comfort and amenities, making travel through Indonesia’s bustling airports a more enjoyable experience.

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