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Nadiem Makarim to Create a Teacher Marketplace System to Address Contract Teacher Issues

Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Mendikbud Ristek) Nadiem Makarim

Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Mendikbud Ristek) Nadiem Makarim is set to introduce a groundbreaking initiative in the education sector by creating a comprehensive marketplace system for teachers in Indonesia. This system aims to address the long-standing challenges faced by contract teachers, which have remained unresolved until now. Nadiem Makarim explains the rationale behind this innovative solution.

According to Nadiem, the issue of contract teachers has persistently plagued Indonesia’s education system due to the mobility of educators, who can transfer, retire, or unfortunately pass away at any given time. Consequently, schools face significant hurdles in recruiting new teachers promptly as they must wait for centralized recruitment of civil servant teachers, which occurs periodically.

“The cyclical nature of real-time teacher demand clashes with the bulk recruitment process that takes place annually. This discrepancy poses a problem, leading to sudden teacher shortages and the subsequent reliance on contract teachers,” elucidated Nadiem during a productive meeting with Commission X of the House of Representatives on Wednesday (May 24, 2023).

Centralized recruitment has resulted in a lack of synchronization in meeting the teaching staff requirements at schools, exacerbated by the tendency of local governments (pemda) to deviate from submitting the necessary civil servant position requests for educators, citing various reasons.

To overcome the challenges faced by contract teachers, Nadiem proposed an enduring solution that is scheduled to be implemented in 2024—a pioneering teacher marketplace platform.

In essence, the teacher marketplace, also known as a talent pool for teachers, will serve as a comprehensive database comprising a list of all qualified teachers eligible for employment in Indonesia.

This groundbreaking platform will enable schools across the nation to directly access and recruit suitable teachers from this extensive talent pool, thereby revolutionizing the traditional centralized recruitment process conducted by the central government. Consequently, teacher recruitment will be conducted in real-time, aligning with the specific needs of individual schools.

“This means schools can recruit teachers at any time they require. The teacher marketplace acts as a comprehensive database supported by advanced technology, granting all schools the ability to access information on potential teachers and extend invitations to those who meet their specific criteria,” emphasized Nadiem.

The criteria for teachers to become part of this innovative marketplace are twofold: contract teachers who have successfully passed the rigorous selection process and prospective teachers who have completed the Teacher Professional Education (PPG) program, excelled in the competency assessment, and fulfilled the necessary requirements to be considered prospective civil servant teachers.

Nadiem emphasized that this groundbreaking marketplace system will provide prospective teachers with increased flexibility, enabling them to register and choose their preferred teaching locations without being confined to the limitations of the centralized recruitment process that only occurs once a year.

The implementation of this real-time marketplace system will empower schools to recruit teachers according to their specific needs, fostering a more dynamic and responsive education ecosystem.

In addition to addressing recruitment challenges, the new system will also revolutionize the payment process for teachers. Nadiem outlined that salaries and allowances will be seamlessly transferred by the schools directly to the teachers, eliminating the need for the central government to allocate funds to regional governments for subsequent distribution.

The allocated funds will be securely locked by the central government and exclusively earmarked for remunerating teachers within each respective school. This meticulous financial management ensures that there is no room for ambiguity or inconsistency in the disbursement of salaries and allowances, setting a precedent for fair and transparent financial practices.

By implementing the marketplace system, the government guarantees that schools will no longer need to rely on contract teachers, providing a permanent solution to address this long-standing issue.

The marketplace will effectively streamline the recruitment process and instill a sense of stability within the education system. Moreover, the marketplace will ensure that teachers receive fair and appropriate remuneration, effectively eliminating arbitrary salary and allowance discrepancies.

“The funds will be exclusively transferred to prospective teachers listed in the comprehensive database. Any transfers outside of this system will be strictly prohibited. With the introduction of the marketplace system, the option of recruiting contract teachers will be completely eliminated,” affirmed Nadiem, underscoring the resolute commitment to improving the quality and stability of the education sector in Indonesia.

The introduction of this pioneering marketplace system for teachers marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to enhance the education landscape in Indonesia. The comprehensive database, real-time recruitment process, and transparent financial management exemplify the government’s commitment to providing equal opportunities for educators and fostering an environment conducive to nurturing future generations.

The innovative initiative spearheaded by Minister Nadiem Makarim sets a precedent for other countries grappling with similar challenges in their education systems, inspiring progressive reforms that prioritize the welfare and professional growth of teachers nationwide.

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