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The Property Agent Role is Needed to Influence the National Property Growth

The stretching of the national property sector is increasingly visible after the pandemic hits Indonesia. This massive property growth cannot be separated from the services of property agents in marketing their products.

Various parties have also released surveys and predictions for the property sector which has continued to record improved performance since the middle of last year. This good trend is expected to continue as various segments of the property sector, such as residential, commercial, warehousing, tourism, offices, and others.

Another interesting thing, there is significant growth for the middle to the upper segment of the property market. According to Era Indonesia President Director Darmadi Darmawangsa, currently, the national property market continues to record high growth for the luxury residential segment.

“This is reinforced when we refer to a survey released by Bank Indonesia (BI) which states that large-type houses have grown very significantly since the third quarter of 2020. At its peak, in the third quarter of 2021, sales performance for this segment increased to 45.57 percent on an annual basis. ,” he said.

This increase, explained Darmadi, cannot be separated from various regulations and stimuli issued by the government. Various stimuli such as 0 percent down payment and relaxation of the value-added tax borne by the government (VAT DTP) since last year have boosted sales of property products, especially for the large house segment.

Furthermore, on the other hand, the CEO of 99 Group Indonesia Wasudewan said through the Agent Awards, Rumah123.com would like to give appreciation and proof of appreciation for the hard work and contributions that have been made by property agents so far.

“For this first edition, we started regionally first, starting from the provincial level, namely throughout West Java,” he said in a press release, Sunday (10/4/2022).

It is known that Rumah123.com, part of the 99 Group together with Indonesia Property Watch (IPW) held a prestigious award event for property industry players at the Indonesia Agent Awards, West Java 2022.

The 2022 West Java Agent Awards are specifically for property agents who are members of the Indonesian Real Estate Brokers Association (AREBI) in the West Java area.

By partnering with AREBI, which is the official organization of real estate brokers in Indonesia, Rumah123.com wants to provide a platform to increase the image, prestige, and recognition of property agents in the eyes of consumers.

“The very high enthusiasm of property agents throughout West Java participating in the 2022 Agent Awards presented by Rumah123.com and AREBI is certainly a very positive thing. We see the enthusiasm of property businesses who want to continue to improve the quality of their services, as well as build stronger networks with other property business actors in Indonesia,” said Wasudewan.

For the 2022 West Java Agent Awards, there are 23 prestigious award categories contested by the participants, with the three highest nominations, namely Best of The Best Agency Office by Primary Transaction, Best of The Best Agent, and Best of The Best Agency Office.

The series of events that have started in November 2021 have carried out a rigorous selection and assessment process. The highlight of the West Java 2022 Agent Awards event itself was held offline and online on April 6, 2022.

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