Bali Hotel Occupancy Is Still High Despite Low Season

A Hotel in Bali

The local and international tourists’ interest in traveling in Bali is still high. This is evidenced by the hotel occupancy rate which is still high up to 60% despite the low season.

This was revealed by the Indonesian Tourism Development (Persero). They stated that hotel occupancy rates in Bali are still crowded.

ITDC President Director Ari Respati said that throughout August 2022, the average occupancy rate of hotels in The Nusa Dua area reached 63.17%, relatively stable after the June and July 2022 holiday seasons which reached 60.10% and 65.37 percent, respectively.

The occupancy rate in August also grew by more than 1,000% from the average occupancy rate in August 2021 which was recorded at only 5.19%. Of the 19 hotels operating at The Nusa Dua, 9 or 47% of hotels recorded occupancy rates above 60%.

Tourist visits in August 2022, dominated by foreign tourists, grew 805% to 62,801 people from 6,935 people in August 2021. The Water Blow Peninsula Tourism Destination, which is one of the natural tourist spots in The Nusa Dua, August recorded tourist visits reaching 5,800 people.

“The average occupancy rate in August which reached 63.17% is a very good thing, considering this August is a transition period to the low season and usually tourist visits begin to decline. This means that the level of visits to Bali, especially The Nusa Dua, has started showing a fairly stable number,” said Ari in a press statement, Thursday (15/9/2022).

Ari added that over the last three months The Nusa Dua has managed to record an average occupancy rate of above 60 percent which is driven by an increase in the frequency of holding national and international meetings as well as other tourism activities in Bali and particularly in The Nusa Dua area.

From late August to early September, several G20 side events were successfully held in The Nusa Dua area, including the G20 Ministerial Conference on Women’s Empowerment (MCWE), Supreme Audit Institutions 20 (SAI20) Summit, 3rd Environment Deputies Meeting, and Climate Sustainability Working Group. (3rd EDM-CSWG), 3rd Energy Transition Working Group (3rd ETWG), 4th Education Working Group Meeting and Education Ministers’ Meeting (4th EdWG), and International Search and Rescue Advisory Group Asia-Pacific Regional EarthQuake Response Exercise (INSARAG AP ERE) ) 2022.

In addition to the G20 side event, a prestigious music event in Bali, namely UNIVLOX Lite Night Vol 4 which was attended by 10,000 spectators, has also been successfully held on Peninsula Island, The Nusa Dua.

Meanwhile, the average occupancy rate of The Nusa Dua itself during January – August 2022 was recorded at 33.89%, in May 2022 it reached more than 50%, and then in the last three months, it reached more than 60%.

“With the tight agenda of events that will take place in the future, especially ahead of the G20 Summit, we are optimistic that the occupancy rate in the third quarter will be maintained above 50 percent,” said Ari.