Important Things to Achieve Net Zero Emission 2060

Indonesia strives to switch to more environmentally friendly energy. Not only that, Indonesia has big ambitions to become...

These Giant Indonesia’s Projects Will Be Completed in 2024

The Indonesian government continues to speed up several giant projects spread throughout Indonesia, especially in Java. Reportedly, the...

The Government Will Review the Sea Sand Export Ban Regulations

The government through Commission VII DPR RI decided to re-evaluate sea sand export regulations after a working visit...

Super Rare Metals Will Be Seriously Mined in 2023

Some researchers managed to find rare metals. It was found at the Lapindo mudflow site, Sidoarjo, East Java....

Hepatitis Has No Chance of Becoming a Pandemic

The world was shocked by the discovery of mysterious acute hepatitis that quickly spread to several countries including...

Indonesia Can Help India’s Electricity Crisis

Heatwaves of up to 45 degrees Celsius in several parts of India caused the country to be hit...

Global Warming Could Generate New Viruses

The issue of global warming that has occurred in the last few decades continues to circulate. Recent findings,...

Beware of Fires During the Dry Season

The dry season will come in a few moments. To prevent undesirable things during the dry season, such...

Jokowi Warns About Global Economic Turmoil

The global events that have occurred recently have had an impact on several aspects of Indonesia, such as...

Odd-Even Rule Applies Again in Jakarta

After the odd-even rule did not apply during yesterday's national holiday, this time the Metro Jaya Regional Police...



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