Is Exercising Effective at Night?

Exercise takes an important role in maintaining health and body function. Not only that, but exercise also can prevent disease, improve brain...
Microsoft update

Windows 11 Released on October 5, 2021

Through its official website, Microsoft revealed that Windows 11 could be accessed globally on October 5. Microsoft explains that new eligible devices...
Hustle culture

Hustle Culture, a Deadly Glorification

Living in the midst of industry demands makes some of us motivated to be always productive by putting aside physical and mental...
Best food after getting vaccines

Best Foods to Consume After Getting Vaccines

Vaccination programs continue to be carried out by the government to break the chain of the Covid-19’s spread immediately. The side effects...
Minimalist house

4 Advantages for Having Minimalist House

Limited land affects house prices that are increasingly expensive. If you live in an urban area, this condition is often found. Having a...
Traditional drinks

Be Healthier with Traditional Indonesian Drinks

Indonesia is known as one of the largest spice-producing countries in the world. It is not surprising that many products use spices...
Streaming series and films

Free and Legal! Try These Movies Watching Sites

Watching movies becomes a relaxing routine during tiring work. Currently watching favorite movies or series can be accessed through online platforms anytime...
face to face learning in jakarta

Face-to-face Learning Begins Today in Jakarta

Today, schools in Jakarta are officially conducted offline or face-to-face learning. This policy is applied to regions with PPKM levels 1 to...
Playing golf

Strengthen Your Body and Mind by Playing Golf

Golf is known as a relaxing sport and does not require physical strength like other sports. Even though it seems relaxed, it...
Red wine

Does Red Wine Help to Lower Blood Pressure?

A study says that drinking red wine is good for the body's health. However, if consumed in excess will cause the opposite...