Indonesia Launches Senandung Dewi 2024 Program, Showcasing 6,000 Tourist Villages

Tourists Flock to Penglipuran Village, Renowned as the Cleanest Village in the World
Tourists Flock to Penglipuran Village, Renowned as the Cleanest Village in the World

Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno has launched the “Semarak Event Unggulan di Desa Wisata” (Senandung Dewi) 2024 program, aiming to spotlight the development of Indonesia’s tourist villages over the past four years. With over 6,000 tourist villages across the nation, this initiative seeks to boost tourism and highlight local culture.

“I greatly appreciate the tourist villages throughout Indonesia for proposing high-quality events to collaborate with the Senandung Dewi program. We hope this will attract more tourists to these villages,” Sandiaga said during the Weekly Press Briefing on Monday (1/7/2024), as reported by Travel Kompas.

Deputy for Tourism Products and Event Organizers at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Vinsensius Jemadu, emphasized the potential of the Senandung Dewi program to attract both domestic and international tourists. “We are curating which tourist villages already have events but haven’t yet developed fully. It’s time for them to shine,” he remarked.

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A notable first for Senandung Dewi is its collaboration with Penglipuran Village, recognized as one of the world’s best villages by UN Tourism. Six major tourist village events in Indonesia will be part of the Senandung Dewi 2024 program:

  1. Penglipuran Village Festival XI in Penglipuran Tourist Village, Bali, from Thursday (4/7/2024) to Sunday (7/7/2024)
  2. Sidowarna Shadow Puppet Festival in Sidowarna Puppet Tourist Village, Klaten, Central Java, from Saturday (10/8/2024) to Sunday (11/8/2024)
  3. Hyang Argopuro Festival Jember, a collaboration of five tourist villages, from Thursday (12/9/2024) to Friday (13/9/2024)
  4. Ngopi Padang Mbulan Rame-Rame in Ketapanrame Tourist Village, Mojokerto, East Java, on Thursday (19/9/2024)
  5. Gema Budaya Festival in Terong Creative Tourist Village, Belitung, from Monday (4/11/2024) to Thursday (7/11/2024)
  6. A tourism event in Golo Bilas Tourist Village, West Manggarai

Sugianto, head of Pokdarwis in Arjasa Traditional Tourist Village, Jember, who attended the program launch, discussed the support from four neighboring tourist villages for the Hyang Argopuro Festival Jember: Kemiri Tourist Village, Klungkung Tourist Village, Oseng Bitingan Cultural Tourist Village, and Sugerkidul Village.

“This year, we have digitized tickets for the Hyang Argopuro Festival Jember to track where our visitors come from and minimize ticket fraud,” Sugianto explained.

He further mentioned that the annual tourist village event successfully attracted 104,840 domestic tourists and 627 international tourists in 2023.

Through these efforts, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy aims to enhance the visibility and appeal of Indonesia’s tourist villages, making them attractive destinations for both local and foreign visitors.