Aviation Industry Predicted Back to Normal In Six Months


Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Indonesia, the aviation industry has been affected. Now, after gradually improving, the Indonesian aviation industry is predicted to return to normal in 6 months.

According to SOE Minister Erick Thohir, the normal limit for flights in Indonesia is a minimum of 400 aircraft movements per day. However, currently, the moving average is still 200 movements per day.

“Now, things have started to return to normal in many countries, including Indonesia. Maybe in six months,” said Erick, Wednesday (27/4/2022).

“Of course, the alternative to flights means official travel via flights or tours, of course, it will go to normal within six to eight months,” continued Erick.

He added that his party was concerned about the number of flights. “We will wait for the decision from the PKPU in May,” he added.

“Who knows, it could be a joint solution, then we will further improve the infrastructure supporting SOEs, especially aviation,” explained Erick.

He added, that if it is ready later, GIAA has a task like SOEs in general, namely to intervene when the market is not balanced.

This is in line with the World Bank report, which apparently agrees that SOEs in Indonesia have already carried out this function.

“In the past, the assumption was negative, as if SOEs were a hotbed of corruption. But, it was proven during the Covid-19 situation that this situation could balance the market. At the beginning of the pandemic, the price of masks was Rp. 10,000, but with the Kimia Farma network which has 1,300 pharmacies, we can intervene,” he said. Eric.

On the other hand, the President Director of Aviatory Indonesia, Ziva Narendra said that in recent times the aviation industry has grown quite rapidly.

This is indicated by several new airlines entering Indonesia. For example, Super Air Jet to Pelita Air, which recently entered the homeland market for scheduled commercial flights. According to this, the prospects for scheduled airlines in the future are quite good.

Ziva explained that the momentum of the 2022 Eid holiday season could be a point of progress for the aviation industry. Because if you look at the policies issued by the government at this time, it has loosened the mobility of the community which was previously limited by PPKM.