The Need for Beef in Indonesia Is Enormous, Kenya Offers Help

The Need for Beef in Indonesia Is Enormous, Kenya Offers Help. (photo: Jonas Koel - Unsplash)

The need for beef in Indonesia is quite large. Therefore, the Government of Kenya openly offers meat and live cow to Indonesia. This opportunity is a good chance for both parties.

This was revealed by the Spokesman for the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Jodi Mahardi, after a state visit by the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, to Africa. Kenya is one of the countries visited by Luhut’s entourage.

“Kenya offers exports of meat and beef to Indonesia, where their meat and beef products have been exported to Middle Eastern countries,” said Jodi as quoted, Friday (27/1/2023).

During a visit to Kenya, Luhut met Kenyan President Willam Ruto in person. According to Jodi, Kenya’s offer is very good, considering that Indonesia’s demand for beef is very large. Indonesia has been dependent on imports of beef and lives cows from Australia and India. Kenya can be an alternative.

“This can be an alternative supply from Australia and India which have been the main suppliers of meat to Indonesia,” he said.

Furthermore, apart from offering live meat and cattle, Kenya has various offers to Indonesia. For example, expanding the export market for Indonesian palm oil products through investment cooperation in processing facilities and exports of finished products such as cooking oil.

This is interesting given that Kenya has free trade agreements with other African countries with a total market of 300 million people.

“So, They can also become a hub for exports of Indonesia’s superior products to other African countries. This is also supported by security conditions and a stable political situation in Kenya. They has agreed to provide 0% import duty for palm oil derivative products from Indonesia (initial tariff) 35%),” he said.

They has also offered to open sugarcane and oil palm plantations for Indonesian businessmen, providing land for free.

Then garment and textile investment cooperation, where Kenya has a 0% tariff for exports of garment and textile products to the United States. Then the expansion of the export market for pharmaceutical and medicinal products as well as defense equipment products from Indonesia to Kenya.

For this reason, the Government of Kenya has agreed to form a task force to realize this collaboration. The task force will be divided into 3 sectors, namely trade and investment, defense and strategic industry, and energy and mining.