200 Mayors from Around the World Agree on 6 Aspects at the International Mayors Forum 2024 Jakarta

Monas Monument, DKI Jakarta

The 2024 International Mayors Forum (IMF) in Jakarta concluded today, Thursday (4/7/2024), after a series of intense discussions and collaborations. This significant event, which commenced on Tuesday (2/7/2024), brought together approximately 200 delegates from various countries, including mayors and local government officials. The forum has set its sights on six critical aspects for future focus. What exactly are these focal points?

Heru Budi Hartono, the Acting Governor of Jakarta, took the lead in the announcement of the Jakarta Declaration. This declaration encapsulates the key agreements and ideas discussed by the forum participants over the past few days.

“This declaration represents the essence of the diverse ideas shared during the International Mayors Forum 2024,” Heru stated at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Central Jakarta, on Thursday (4/7/2024).

The Jakarta Declaration was then recited alternately by representatives of the regional heads present at the event.

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The IMF participants committed to advancing the 2030 Agenda by accelerating the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The focus will be on six primary areas: food systems; access to and affordability of energy; digital connectivity (including artificial intelligence); education; social protection, employment, and climate change; and addressing issues of pollution and biodiversity.

To address these areas, the participants agreed to enhance governance, foster local innovations, implement integrated policies and financing, drive digital transformation, promote economic inclusivity, adopt environmental best practices, utilize synergistic approaches, and ensure community engagement.

“In order to fulfill this commitment, we will establish partnerships with various stakeholders and engage all sectors of society,” the declaration emphasized.

Moreover, the declaration highlighted the importance of data-driven governance to achieve the SDGs and to base policy decisions on solid evidence. It also stressed the need to bridge the gaps between stakeholders at the village, city, local, and national levels to ensure equitable and integrated development.

“With only six years remaining until 2030, we urge global leaders to drive progress, share experiences, and seek solutions to the emerging challenges,” the declaration concluded.

Through these collaborative efforts and the adoption of innovative approaches, the forum aims to create a robust framework for sustainable development, ensuring that the goals set for 2030 are met effectively and inclusively.