Government Finds Illegal Loaning Perpetrators from China

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Director of Information Application Control at the Ministry of Communications and Informatics (Kemenkominfo) Teguh Afriyadi said that the perpetrators of illegal online loans (pinjol) were not only Indonesians but also foreign nationals.
When taking action, said Teguh, the Kemenkominfo several times found the perpetrators of illegal lending coming from China and several other countries.
Perpetrators can be anywhere, can be Indonesians or foreigners. In several cases, the fintech applications that we checked turned out to be fintech applications managed by people from China, or from other places on behalf of local applications,” he said in a webinar titled Finding Solutions for Handling Illegal Loans.
According to Teguh, this is natural because the internet knows no borders between countries (borderless). In addition, the highly accessible nature of the internet also makes it very easy for illegal lenders to get borrowers. “Everyone can access fintech, not only adults, not only educated people, everyone can access it so they have more markets, in this case victims to snared by illegal fintech actors,” he added.
Meanwhile, the concept of anonymity on the internet also makes illegal fintech easy to mushroom and difficult to eradicate. “Anonymity makes people confident to do evil. They think that their identity can be disguised by hiding their IP by masking or even changing the account to replace it with someone else’s name and so on. ,” he said.
Not only that, the concept of interactivity on the internet has also contributed to making the loan more popular. “The interactive platform of the digital concept makes everyone try to interact. There is an opportunity for them (borrowers) to get funds quickly in an easy way,” he explained.
Finally, the speed or speed on the internet allows illegal lenders to easily find victims. “Today, an application is promoted in a matter of weeks, thousands of people have accessed and carried out these illegal loan transactions,” he concluded.