Finally, Saudi Arabia Allows Entry of Indonesian Citizens and Several Countries

Saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia lifted the entry ban for Indonesian citizens and 19 other countries on Tuesday, August 24, 2021.

Previously, Saudi Arabia imposed an entry ban for Indonesian citizens last February to suppress the spread of Covid-19. 

Other countries that have been allowed to enter Saudi Arabia include the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Italy, Pakistan, Brazil, Portugal, England, Turkey, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Japan, Lebanon, Egypt, India, Argentina, Germany, United States (US), Ireland and Indonesia. 

However, with the condition, those who are allowed to enter are only have carried out the full Covid-19 vaccination, or two doses.

Quoted from Arab News, the Consular Agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the decision to open access only applies to expatriates who are fully vaccinated in Saudi Arabia before they depart for their home countries. The ban excludes Saudi nationals, foreign diplomats, health practitioners, and their families.

Expats wishing to return to Saudi Arabia must undergo all health checks to ensure they are free of infection. This regulation also applies to travelers who have transited through any of these 20 countries within 14 days prior to their planned visit to Saudi Arabia.