WhatsApp Launches Shopping Button


WhatsApp has launched a new shopping button feature for the WhatsApp Business service. With this feature, users can view the catalog of businesses offered on the platform faster.

This new button icon will replace the voice call button on the WhatsApp chat screen display with the aim of making it easier for users to shop on WhatsApp.

In September, WhatsApp has added a shopping button feature in a beta version for Android and iPhone globally.

With the addition of a shopping button that looks like a storefront icon, WhatsApp users can view the business catalog directly from the chat screen.

This is unlike before where users have to first log in to a business profile to see the status of goods or services offered.

Reported by detiKINET from NDTV, Thursday (12/11/2020) this new shopping button will be next to the newly designed call button and replace the existing voice call button. Users will see a shopping button on the chat screen of a business that has a catalog of their offers.

This means that users will not be able to see the new button when communicating with friends or family members on WhatsApp.

After tapping, the shopping button will take the user to the business catalog from the profile to be visited. Basically, it will help business people on WhatsApp to increase product discovery and increase their sales.

Since the shopping button replaces the voice call, the voice call button can be found by tapping the call button. This will display options to choose whether to make a voice or video call.

WhatsApp claims that there are already more than 17.5 million users send messages to WhatsApp Business accounts every day and more than four million people view the business catalog on the application every month.

The presence of the shopping button is one of the key steps to further expand business adoption of the app and make it a complete platform for e-commerce in addition to be the leading instant messaging platform.