Bali and Beyond Travel 2022 Will Still Be Held


Even though it is still in a pandemic situation, the Association of Indonesian Travel Agents or Asita Bali has decided to conduct the Bali and Beyond Travel Fair or BBTF 2022 on a hybrid basis, with more offline meetings.

The chairman of Asita Bali, Putu Winastra, emphasized that his party did not want to use the pandemic as an excuse for tourism actors not to promote.

BBTF is the largest event in Indonesia that brings together buyers and sellers of the travel industry in one forum. Therefore, its implementation must be encouraged despite the pandemic.

“The principle is that this year is still a hybrid, but many buyers this year want to come to Bali. This means that promotions must continue. Don’t use the pandemic as an excuse for not wanting to promote,” he explained, quoted from Bisnis, Friday (4/8/2022).

The plan, BBTF 2022 will be held on June 14-18, at the Bali International Convention Center (BICC) Nusa Dua. Later, BBTF-2022 will take the theme “Balancing in Harmony”, by highlighting sports, health, and welfare tourism, where Bali has become home to world-class medical facilities that provide traditional and cutting-edge treatments, treatments.

Until now, there have been 250 buyers from 28 countries and within the country who will attend the offline meeting. In addition, there were about 50 buyers from abroad who participated online.

Winastra said that the buyers who took part in the online meeting came from countries whose governments have not allowed their citizens to leave the country, such as China.

Because of that basis, it decided to continue to roll out a hybrid. He emphasized that this event must be supported by all parties because it is to revive the tourism industry.

The contribution of the tourism sector to the economy is very large, so local governments and tourism actors should continue to promote it through events such as BBTF. Don’t have an excuse because of the pandemic so you don’t want to promote it.

“Don’t give an impression because the pandemic continues to not promoted. It was wrong,” he said.

The tourism sector plays an important role in efforts to accelerate economic recovery which is also linked to the simulation of creative industries and job creation.

The year 2022 is a good momentum for the tourism sector by taking advantage of Indonesia as the host of the G20 and other world-class events that are scheduled to be held in Indonesia, especially in Bali.