Getting to Know One of WWF International Agendas: Melukat Ritual

Melukat Ritual
Getting to Know One of WWF International Agendas: Melukat Ritual (photo: Kum Seong Wan)

Preparing for the upcoming 10th edition of the World Water Forum (WWF) set to take place in Bali from May 18th to 25th, organizers have included a unique ritual known as “Melukat” in the event’s itinerary. But what exactly is this Melukat ritual, and why is it significant? Let’s delve into its intriguing aspects.

Melukat is a traditional purification ceremony practiced by Hindu communities in Bali, aimed at cleansing both the body and soul while honoring the sacredness of water.

This spiritual practice has been incorporated into the forum’s agenda, offering participants from 172 countries a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Bali.

Under the theme ‘Water for Shared Prosperity,’ the global gathering will tackle pressing issues concerning water resources and their impact on global prosperity.

In selecting Melukat for inclusion, organizers highlight its relevance to water reverence, emphasizing the forum’s focus on water-related matters.

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Bali’s Regional Secretary (Sekda), Made Indra, explained the significance, stating, “As the World Water Forum centers around water, Melukat, a purification ritual using water, holds symbolic importance.”

Melukat involves using water from natural springs or other consecrated sources, signifying the cleansing of both physical impurities and negative energies from the mind and spirit.

The ritual serves dual purposes: sanctifying the environment before religious ceremonies and facilitating personal purification under the guidance of Hindu religious leaders.

Furthermore, Melukat underscores the sacredness of water beyond its ritualistic role, recognizing its vital role as a life-sustaining resource.

This philosophical alignment with the forum’s theme underscores the broader goal of achieving collective prosperity through responsible water management.

By incorporating cultural traditions like Melukat, the World Water Forum aims to enrich the dialogue on global water challenges and foster greater understanding and cooperation among nations.