DKI Jakarta Will Implement Electronic Road Pricing, Two-wheeled Motorcycles Must Also Pay

Electronic Road Pricing Trial in DKI Jakarta (photo:

DKI Jakarta Provincial Government will soon issue the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) regulations. The main goal is to reduce the number of private vehicles and overcome the problem of congestion in the capital, which is getting worse day by day.

The DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency is currently working on regulations governing Electronic Road Pricing (ERP).

The regulation, which is still in the drafting stage of a local regulation or draft local regulation, is targeted to be finalized this year so that the implementation of ERP or paid roads on some roads in Jakarta can be implemented immediately.

“I can’t say for sure the middle or the end of the year. What is clear is this year,” said Head of the DKI Transportation Agency Syafrin Liputo, Tuesday, January 10, 2023.

According to Syafrin, the draft regulation has been included in the DKI DPRD Regional Regulation Formation Agency (Bapemperda) program regarding electronic traffic control.

The discussion on the bill of lading on road fees or ERP is only at the general presentation stage and has not yet entered the more specific chapter-by-article stage.

When it becomes a regional regulation, the DKI Pemprov will later issue a derivative regulation in the form of a governor regulation.

Later, the amount of paid road fare or ERP will be in the range of IDR 5,000 to IDR 19,000 depending on the category and type of vehicle.

Then, the ERP implementation time is designed every day at 05.00-22.00 West Indonesia Time on 25 roads in Jakarta and is implemented in stages.

Furthermore, this regulation will also apply to two-wheeled motorcycle riders. Syafrin Liputo said the certainty that motorbike drivers are subject to tariffs has been included in the Regional Regulation Plan (Raperda) on Electronic Traffic Control (PL2SE).

“In our proposal, in the proposal (Raperda PL2SE), two-wheelers (including drivers who are subject to ERP service rates),” said Syafrin at the DKI Jakarta City Hall, Gambir, Central Jakarta, Monday (16/1/2023).

Syafrin believes that the electronic paid road system can reduce the number of motorcycle drivers. According to him, the number of motorcyclists in Jakarta is currently increasing.

Syafrin believes that the ERP policy is a holistic way to break down congestion in Jakarta. This is because private vehicle ownership is not in line with the regional capacity to add roads.