Fast and Semi-Fast Trains Will Serve the Jakarta-Surabaya Route

KCJB High-Speed Railway

Although the mega project of the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed ​​Train (KCJB) is not yet fully completed, the government is already planning to prepare a route to Surabaya, East Java. This train travel can later be reached by fast and semi-fast trains.

Minister of Transportation (Menhub) Budi Karya Sumadi stated that the two trains have different routes.

“The semi-fast is in the north, the high-speed train is in the south,” said Budi Karya, at the Ministry of Finance’s office, quoted on Tuesday (1/11/2022).

He has not disclosed the detailed plans for the Jakarta-Surabaya semi-fast and fast trains plan. However, the development of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail project will certainly continue to Kertajati and finally to Surabaya.

“But the master plan reaches Surabaya, the most important thing is that we do it gradually, after this we know we have to go to Kertajati,” he explained.

As is known, the Minister of Transportation has previously revealed the cities that will be passed by the Jakarta – Surabaya High-Speed ​​Rail project.

The route will pass through Jakarta – Karawang – Bandung – Kertajati – Purwokerto – Yogyakarta – Solo – Madiun – Surabaya. So later the fast train journey from Jakarta – Surabaya can only be reached within a period of 4 hours, from 10 – 13 hours.

As for financing, Budi Karya is still unable to confirm whether he will cooperate with China again, namely the Indonesia – China Fast Train for the Jakarta – Surabaya Fast Train project.

“Regarding yes or no we will evaluate,” he said.

Previously in a press conference (22/6/2022), after the Minister of Transportation made a working visit from Japan, he revealed the plans for the construction of the Jakarta – Surabaya semi-fast train. The plan is to conduct a feasibility study or feasibility study this year.

“The feasibility study means that we will carefully measure the conditions in the field, and how the route will be continued. It will take approximately 1 year,” said the Minister of Transportation in a press conference, Wednesday (22/6/2022).

The train line will be made straight from Jakarta – Surabaya, by utilizing the existing line.

“We know that the semi-fast train is an attempt to realign the existing track. This means that we will make a track that is flatter and does not bend. So it is practically straighter in the cities of Jakarta to Surabaya,” he said.
In addition, flyover lines will also be built in several cities such as Cirebon, Pekalongan, and Semarang. So that it does not become a trajectory or the intersection of the railway line with the road.

“It is recorded that there are almost 800 official plot lines in Jakarta – Surabaya that we have to complete,” he said.

In addition, the Minister of Transportation also revealed that this development plan will be carried out in two stages. Starting from the Jakarta – Semarang route, it will be continued from Semarang – Surabaya. Where it takes 2 – 4 years to implement the development.

“Regarding the time within 1 – 2 years, we will finalize it concerning the Feasibility Study, meaning the details of the realignment of the train itself, and the implementation time is around 2 – 4 years,” he said.