Ministry of Transportation Launches New Design of Buoy Beacon

Ministry of Transportation Launches New Design of Buoy Beacon

The Directorate General of Sea Transportation, Ministry of Transportation, through the Class II Navigation District, Semarang, has launched a new design for the buoy beacon. This latest design is claimed to be more efficient, effective, and economical in manufacturing costs.

“The navigation function has a very strategic role in realizing shipping safety and security in Indonesian waters,” said Director General of Sea Transportation, Arif Toha in a statement in Jakarta, Thursday.

At the launch of the redesign of the beacon as a series of Navigation Seminar events held by the Class II Navigation District of Semarang, Arif said navigation activities which include activities related to Sailing Navigation Assistance Facilities (SBNP), Shipping Telecommunications (Telkompel), Hydrography, as well as Flows and Crossings must be implemented properly and meet national and international provisions for the creation of shipping safety and security.

For this reason, in addition to improving Human Resources/HR, it is no less important for actors in the navigation sector to continue to increase creativity and develop innovations to increase capability and reliability in the SBNP field.

“I appreciate the innovations that have been made to improve shipping safety, as has been done by the Class II Navigation District of Semarang, which today launched a beacon buoy with a more efficient, effective design, and more economical manufacturing costs,” said Director General Arif.

Director of Navigation Hengki Angkasawan said collaboration between the government and all stakeholders for information and knowledge about shipping safety could continue to be improved.

“Navigation must continue to improve its modalities so that sea transportation users feel safe and comfortable in the right shipping lane,” said Hengki.

According to him, the implementation of the tasks and functions of the Navigation District in supporting safety and security as well as reliability in the field of SBNP is becoming increasingly challenging due to the existing budget constraints, so the Navigation District is required to make innovations.

Head of the Class II Navigation District, Dian Nurdiana, said the development of this beacon buoy redesign innovation is one of the efforts in optimizing human resources and navigation infrastructure owned by the Navigation District.

As for the redesign of the buoy, Dian explained that with the design of the existing beacon buoy, there are many obstacles, including difficulties in lifting during maintenance, and its shape which can cause damage to the ship’s deck, and cause inconvenience to workers in the maintenance process.

The new design of the beacon buoy developed by the Class II Navigation District is also more compact as it has no fins, making it easier to maintain as it is easier to lift without the risk of damaging the ship’s deck. In addition, this new design also has a better counterweight due to its taller and slimmer shape so it focuses on the center of gravity while also being more efficient in raw materials and costs.

“The redesign of the innovative beacon buoy in the Navigation District Class II Semarang has a buoy body with a smaller diameter, which is 2.2 m when compared to the existing beacon buoy which has a diameter of 2.6 m. The thickness of the plate is also thinner, at 8 mm when compared to the existing thickness of 10 mm. Thus, this redesign will maximize the use of raw materials and cost efficiency,” he explained.