Burger King Asked Customers to Buy Food at McDonald’s and Traditional Food Stalls


The competition in business does not apply to Burger King. This burger restaurant instead asks its customers to buy food at McDonald’s and traditional food stalls.

There was an interesting post on the official Burger King Indonesia Instagram account @burgerking.id. A photo of the announcement was posted clearly with a touching message.

This message was quite long and intentionally entitled “Order from McDonald’s”. At the bottom, Burger King’s management gives a message that is no less touching.

“It never occurred to us to ask you to do this. Just as it never occurred to us that we would encourage you to order from Flip Burger, Carl’s jR, Wendy’s, Klenger Burger, KFC, CFC, Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Bakso Boedjangan, Sate Typical Senayan, HokBen, J.Co, Ta Wan, Sederhana, traditional food stalls … or other independent dining outlets, too many to mention one by one, from fast food restaurants or not, “Burger King wrote.

The post also conveyed a message from Burger King so that customers can buy food from various restaurants to help. The goal is none other than the culinary business continues to run amid the corona pandemic.

“It never happened to us to ask you to do this, but any restaurant that has thousands of employees needs your help right now,” the touching message from Burger King said.

At the end of this letter, Burger King invited customers to pamper their tongues with a variety of foods. Uniquely, Burger King also promotes products from its rival restaurant, McDonald’s.

“If you want to help, still indulge yourself with delicious food through delivery, take away, drive-thru m. Enjoying Whopper is the best choice but ordering a Big Mac also doesn’t matter,” this message concluded.

This unique promotional action carried out by Burger King Indonesia was a follow-up movement that was initiated by Burger King UK. The British government has re-implemented a lockdown system which takes effect on Thursday.

All public areas including restaurants have also been forced to close again. This is what makes Burger King UK encouraged themselves while promoting various other fast food restaurant outlets.

This action was successful in getting attention. On the Burger King Indonesia Instagram account itself, this upload received more than 150 thousand likes and 6 thousand netizen comments.

“How come I am sad to read it. This means that our economy is not well anymore. Until our fellow rivals help their business rivals. I’m sad. I hope things will get better. Pandemic will soon disappear,” a netizen said.

“Stay strong all the delicious food providers for Indonesia, big brands or SMEs. Hopefully the pandemic will pass soon,” another netizen commented.

“Order Burger at Burger King (Whopper), order Chicken at KFC, order Drinking Root Beer at A&W,” another netizen concluded.