Property Loans Up 5.4 Percent YoY at the Beginning of the Year

property market
property market

Credit distribution in the property sector increased by 5.4 percent year on year (YoY) after previously, in December 2021, the growth rate was only 4.8 percent YoY.

Bank Indonesia reported that the increase in property loan disbursement was due to the growth in Housing Loans (KPR) and Apartment Ownership Loans (KPA).

Based on the BI report, it is known that in January 2022, KPR/KPA and real estate loans disbursed by banks reached Rp. 573.7 trillion, grew 10.1 percent YoY. Mortgage growth occurred mainly for residential type 22 to type 70 in East Java and West Java.

Furthermore, real estate loans in January 2022 experienced positive growth of 1.9 percent YoY, reversing the direction of negative growth in December 2021. Real estate credit developments occurred in line with improvements in lending to shopping buildings (Malls) in Jakarta.

In an interview, the Senior Faculty of the Indonesian Banking Development Institute (LPPI) Amin Nurdin said that currently, the mortgage segment is getting wider. Banks do not only offer mortgages for the lower middle class, but also the upper-middle class. Some banks even offer apartment loans.

According to him, banking mortgages this year will improve, in line with the property business which will increase in 2021.

Referring to CIMB CGS data, housing loans in December 2021, increased 9.1 percent compared to 2020.

Furthermore, Mandiri Sekuritas data shows that loans for apartments in October 2021 increased by 11 percent on an annual basis, and loans for housing increased by 10 percent on an annual basis.

He predicts that in 2022, banks will be more aggressive in encouraging housing loans in line with the increase in demand for housing loans in 2021.

Furthermore, Amin also believes that banks will be more creative in distributing mortgages. Innovations will be born or cooperate with property companies.

However, on the other hand, construction credit experienced a slowdown from 0.8 percent YoY in December 2021, to 0.6 percent in January 2022. The slowdown occurred in the construction of the road, bridge, and runway sub-sector.