Kemayoran: The Potential Smart City in Jakarta

"Kemayoran: The Potential Smart City in Jakarta with Integrated Living and Business Areas" (photo: Eugenia Clara - Unsplash)

The Kemayoran area in Central Jakarta, which is touted as a smart city, has the potential to become a metropolitan city with attractions as a business and government center in Indonesia.

According to Arifin, the Marketing Director of Menara Jakarta, the demand for a metropolitan lifestyle among city dwellers must be balanced with integrated residential and business areas to ensure efficiency in time and costs. He explained several reasons why it is the right and suitable choice for housing and a sought-after area.

First, he mentioned the Kemayoran Forest Park, which promotes the concept of Three Wonderful Journeys by combining forest trails, mangrove expeditions, and water play areas.

This 22.3-hectare area makes the Forest Park one of the green open spaces in Jakarta, providing a comfortable, healthy, beautiful, and environmentally friendly living environment.

In addition to being a recreational and sports venue, the Kemayoran Forest Park is also planned to become an educational area for students and the general public.

Second, the Menara Jakarta Mall, which is the first and only mall in Kemayoran, will soon be operational and will become the largest shopping tourism center in Kemayoran by 2024.

Menara Jakarta is the first and only superblok in Kemayoran, consisting of six towers, namely two Condominium Towers, three Apartment Towers, and one Office Tower, which are directly integrated with the Menara Jakarta Mall.

The Menara Jakarta tower, which will be the tallest building in Kemayoran, is scheduled to be completed in 2023, standing at approximately 280 meters high, twice as high as the National Monument or Monas.

Third, the JIExpo Convention Center & Theater, which is an icon of the Kemayoran area, is a world-class performance venue in Indonesia and also has the most luxurious theater in the Asia-Pacific region. Its luxurious design, handled by a professional team, offers the best entertainment facilities in Jakarta.

Fourth, the Driving Range Bandar Kemayoran, which reopened in August 2022 under the management of the Kemayoran Complex Management Center (PPK), is a 16,560-square-meter facility that offers various supporting facilities such as restaurants, pro shops, and others.

Lastly, the presence of renowned international schools such as Ghandi Memorial International School, Universal School, and Jubilee School adds to the completeness of facilities and infrastructure to support the needs of residents in the Kemayoran area.

In conclusion, the above five reasons alone make Kemayoran a sought-after area and a favorite residential choice, along with other facilities such as star-rated hotels, renowned hospitals, and culinary areas in the vicinity.

The area has the potential to become a metropolitan city and a center of business and government in Indonesia, providing a comfortable, healthy, beautiful, and environmentally friendly living environment for its residents.