New Car Options Under Rp 150 Million, Can Get Avanza Cs Challengers

New Car Options Under Rp 150 Million
Get Avanza Cs Challengers

A selection of new cars with affordable prices can still be found in Indonesia. Even with a budget of under Rp. 150 million, you can redeem one unit of the new Low MPV car that challenges the Avanza, Xpander, Ertiga, and Mobilio.
Yes, the only LMPV car that can be redeemed is the Wuling Confero. The price of this car has fallen thanks to a 100 percent PPnBM discount which is valid until August 2021.
The cheapest New Confero OTR Jakarta is currently selling for Rp. 146.300.000. Mepet-mepet with the price of cheap environmentally friendly cars.
But if you are looking for another affordable car, of course the consideration is the LCGC car. Currently, there are three car manufacturers who still label prices below Rp. 150 million.
First, the price of the car is tight with Wuling Confero. The LCGC 5+2 car, Toyota Calya type 1.2 EM/T Standard is sold for Rp. 146,190,000, only a difference of Rp. 110 thousand from the 7-passenger Wuling car. As another comparison, the lowest variant Daihatsu Sigra is sold for Rp. 131.050.000. However, with the current price of Wuling Confero, the price tag is tight with the Sigra X MT DLX model which is sold for IDR 145,900,000, and the Sigra 1.2 R MT for IDR 146.8 million.

If you are looking for the Toyota brand with the most affordable price, there are currently two models, namely the Toyota Agya 1.0 G whose price is displayed on the official website reaching Rp. 144.9 million and the Agya 1.2 G M/T STD of Rp. 149.2 million. This car designed for urban streets has a tiny size with dimensions of 3,660 mm in length, 1,600 mm in width, 1,520 mm in height, and a 2,450 mm wheelbase (1,000 cc 2,455 mm). Besides the Agya, another car option that can be purchased is of course its twin, the Daihatsu. Ayla. In fact, there are more variants. Even the Daihatsu Ayla type D car with manual transition is priced at IDR 103.3 million, the cheapest new car in Indonesia. Another car with a 5-passenger capacity that is priced under Rp. 150 million is the Karimun Wagon R. The price of the LCGC car, which is under Rp. 150 million, is available at the cheapest price of Rp. 122 million to Rp. 144 million.