Can Foreigners Get Free Vaccinations in Indonesia?

Vaccination program

Wiku Adisasmito, Spokesperson for the Government for Handling Covid-19, said that the vaccination program for foreigners living in Indonesia is still ongoing. The Covid-19 vaccination program is also provided free of charge, but with certain criteria. These criteria include foreigners aged over 60 years, teaching staff, and also certain circles.

Wiku explained that the implementation of the vaccination program could also be done through cooperation following the regulations of the foreigner’s country of origin. This vaccination program is also prioritized for foreigners who travel domestically and internationally.

He added that this vaccination program is also intended for foreigners who have just arrived in Indonesia, especially for those who have diplomatic residence permits and official residence permits, holders of Limited Stay Permit Cards (KITAS), and Permanent Stay Permit Cards (KITAP), as well as foreigners. aged from 12 to 17 years.

“The vaccination technique will be carried out after they run a quarantine for eight days and get a negative result from the second RT PCR test,” said Wiku.

The vaccination program for foreigners will be carried out in parallel with the government’s efforts to accelerate national vaccination. Furthermore, Wiku explained, the requirement to show a vaccine certificate is currently a way to control the virus spread.

“We understand the global situation that not all countries have access to vaccines. But on the other hand, we try to limit people’s mobility to avoid cases of imports from other countries. This effort was also carried out by other countries to control imported cases. Therefore, we are tightening the requirements related to vaccination,” he explained.

Wiku also hopes that this rule could be understood by people who will travel internationally.