This is a Requirement for Foreigners to Take Part in the Vaccination Program

Vaccination Program

The Indonesian government is currently implementing the Covid-19 vaccination to end the Coronavirus pandemic. President Joko Widodo has instructed that there are 2 million vaccine injection recipients within a day.

Then what about foreigners who have lived long enough in Indonesia and want to be vaccinated? Can it be through a government program, or do they have to self-vaccinate?

Siti Nadia Tarmizi, a spokesperson for Covid-19 Vaccination at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, said that foreign nationals could participate in the vaccination program implemented by the Indonesian government.

Nadia said, same as vaccination for the elderly in Indonesia, among others aged over 59 years.

Foreigners with the above conditions can come directly to the Vaccination Center and show a Temporary Stay Permit Card (KITAS), Permanent Stay Permit Card (KITAP), passport number, or ID card only.