Why Does It Look Like the Sun Rising from the North? This is the BMKG explanation

Shining Sun
Shining Sun

The video of the sun rising from the north is going viral on social media. The location of the recording took place at MAN Binamu, Jeneponto Regency, South Sulawesi.
“I say this is strange because before I have never seen where it is customary to rise from the east to the east. But now just before 8 am it turns out that the sun is already in the north position, it doesn’t usually happen like that,” said the video recorder quoted. The viral video incident of the sunrise from the north occurred on Thursday (17/6/2021). A number of school teachers at MAN Binamu were seen watching the incident. The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) for the Region IV Makassar gave their response regarding this viral video. According to him, it is impossible for the sun to rise from the north.

In fact, no sun rises from the north but still rises from the east,” explained the BMKG forecaster who was on duty Risky.

Risky stated that the sun in the video actually still rises from the east. However, on its way it moved towards the north side.

For this reason, Risky understands that people think the sun rises from the north. He also mentioned that this event is a regular occurrence every year.

This kind of phenomenon usually occurs from March and peaks in June, then ends in September. Risky explained that after September to October, November, December, the sun will move slowly from east to west through the south.