Instagram CEO Says Hashtags Can’t Increase Post Reach

Instagram CEO Says Hashtags Can't Increase Post Reach

Instagram users (and other social media) often use hashtags in their posts in hopes of getting a wider reach. In fact, the Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, stated otherwise.

He makes sure that the feature does not help increase the number of people who saw the post.

Mosseri talked about this on his Instagram page to answer the question of whether hashtags help posts get more views.

He only said hashtags would make users understand the intent of a post, but did not increase user reach.

Mosseri, in The Independent, Friday (6/1), explained, “Not really. They help understand what posts mean, which means they’re probably going to appear more frequently in places like hashtags pages. But generally no, I’m not going to try it and think hashtags as a way to try and get more distribution”

Instead of using hashtags, Instagram recently tested the Add Topics feature. The feature will categorize Reels posts, and Hootsuite notes this is an evolution of hashtags.

The tag is said to help users reach a wider range of other users. Entering a specific topic will give you more control.

Add Topics becomes a smarter recommendation engine and can promote a more engaged audience.

This feature was first discovered by Social Media consultant, Matt Navarra. In his tweet last September 2022, he explained the existence of this feature in Reels.

Navarra also added screenshots of Instagram views that include the feature. It can be seen that the Add Topics button appears in the Reels settings before uploading.

In the explanation of this feature, it says Add Topics “will help reach people who have the same interests as users”

So, when a user wants to upload Reels content, the user has to choose three topics. The three topics chosen must correlate with the uploaded content. There are at least 15 topics available to choose from.

These topics include “Fashion and Beauty”, “Animals”, “Transportation”, “Food and Drink”, “Visual Arts”, “Travel”, “Sports”, “Science and Tech”, “Relationships”, “Performing Arts”, “Games”, “TV and Movies”, “Home and Garden”, “Business”, and “Education”.

In addition to the main topics above, Instagram also offers specific sub-topics. Making it easier for users to choose more detailed topics for the content they upload.

Furthermore, apart from increasing engagement from Reels, the presence of this feature also indirectly helps the Instagram algorithm in presenting content to its users.