Enjoy Free Admission to Jakarta’s Ancol Park and Explore its Attractions

Travel recommendation: Ancol

TGIF! Jakarta’s tourist attractions are diverse, and one of them is Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. As the weekend approaches, Ancol Taman Impian is once again offering a monthly program to give out free tickets to tourists, which can be booked starting from Friday, March 17th, 2023.

Through this free entry program to Ancol, tourists can enjoy the beach and special parks on Tuesday, March 21st, 2023.

“The Free Entry to Ancol Program Every Month is Ancol’s commitment, which has been implemented since last February in an effort to provide a space of wonder for all people,” said Director of PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol Tbk, Eddy Prastiyo.

Eddy explained that the free entry program to Ancol was first held in February 2023 with a total of 20,000 tickets given out.

The Ancol management plans to increase the number of free tickets given out in March. “In March, we will increase the quota so that more visitors can enjoy this program,” he said.

For tourists who want to get free tickets, they can visit the ancol.com page and select Taman Pantai ticket for a visit on March 21st, 2023.

One account can only get one free ticket with visiting hours starting from 06.00 WIB to 18.00 WIB. This free ticket does not include the visitor’s vehicle.

In addition, a visit to Ancol would not be complete without exploring the excitement of Dunia Fantasi (Dufan), which is Indonesia’s first theme park. This Jakarta tourist attraction was officially opened in 1985 and continues to develop with various exciting rides inside.

As the largest outdoor entertainment and physics edutainment center in Indonesia, Dufan is equipped with a fantasy around the world. Visitors can explore the world through thrilling rides divided into 9 areas.

Starting from Kereta Misteri, Baling-Baling, Paralayang, Turbo Drop, Zig-Zag, Kolibri, Karavel, Ontang-Anting, Hysteria, Halilintar, Poci-Poci, Rumah Miring, Istana Boneka, Tornado, and Kora-Kora.

If that’s not enough, there are other rides that are equally exciting to try, such as Bianglala, Ice Age Arctic Adventure, Dream Playground, Galactica, Rumah Jahil, The Mysterious Land, Burung Tempur, Arung Jeram, Kontiki, and many others.

In addition to the attractions mentioned above, Ancol still has many other attractions ready to be explored. Let’s plan your weekend getaway and explore the excitement!