32 Unfinished Government Projects, Potentially Abandoned?

Railway line Project in Sulawesi

The government still has “debt” that needs to be completed in the remaining two years of Jokowi’s presidency. Of the total 200 multi-sector projects and 12 strategic programs in national strategic projects targeted for completion in 2024, there are still 32 projects and three programs that have not been completed.

The remaining 32 projects are in the form of super hubs, toll road exits, and PTPN integration which is still in the preparation stage.

This was conveyed by the Deputy for Coordination of Regional Development and Spatial Planning of the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy, Wahyu Utomo at the Ekon Goes To Campus event at the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Thursday (27/10/2022).

Wahyu explained the progress of PSN until September 2022. There are 32 projects and 3 programs (super hub, toll road exit, and PTPN integration) in the preparation stage. Then 11 projects are in the transaction stage, with the potential for financial closing.

As for 85 projects in the construction phase, 27 projects and 9 programs have partially operated, and 49 projects have been completed.

“Hopefully there will be no stalled projects. So what is critical at this time is the 32 development to upgrade to transactions,” explained Wahyu.

However, Wahyu did not specify what projects were feared to be stalled. What is clear, Wahyu said, all PSN project targets as stated in the Coordinating Minister for the Economy Number 9 of 2022 can be completed by 2024.

Meanwhile, Wahyu revealed that the distribution of PSN in Indonesia currently has a total investment of Rp 5,841 trillion. With details of 13% from the APBN, 20% from BUMN, and 67% from the private sector.

Meanwhile, PT Hutama Karya (Persero) has completed project work supporting the G20 Bali Summit (KTT) and also at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) faster than the target set.

EVP Corporate Secretary Hutama Karya Tjahjo Purnomo explained that at TMII his party had completed the Eco Green Parking Building, while the work in Bali, namely the Sanur Port project, was also declared complete.

“Regarding the work on the Eco Green Parking Building TMII project, currently the progress has been completed or 3 months faster than the target time of work. The progress of construction work on the Sanur Port project to support the G20 Presidency event has also been completed, 6 months faster than the initial target, namely February 2023,” he said, Thursday (27/10/2022).