Menko Airlangga Encourages Marketing Innovation as a Step for National Economic Recovery


After being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, Indonesia continues to fix several sectors affected by the pandemic. One aspect that continues to be boosted is the economic sector.

Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs (Menko) Airlangga said that business marketing plays an important role in the recovery of the national economy. Therefore, he continues to encourage business people to innovate in terms of marketing.

Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto.

He explained that producers and marketers should not only focus on products and profits, but they should also maintain the quality of the goods they sell. In marketing products, only high quality and good products should be prioritized by these producers.

“These values ​​of course also include the values ​​of sustainability, environmental sustainability, public health, inclusiveness, ethics, and social responsibility for the environment,” said Airlangga, citing a press release, Friday (25/2/2022).

According to Airlangga, these marketers have a very important role in national economic growth. These marketers can serve as examples in inspiring the public and entrepreneurs in business improvement.

If the business develops well, job vacancies will be wide open, this will directly help the national economy as well.

He added that marketing is a very broad science in scope and application. Moreover, marketing is not limited to business alone. Therefore, marketing is very important science, especially during this pandemic.

Furthermore, the government in the pandemic momentum which is entering the era of digital transformation disruption continues to encourage and accelerate the realization of the industrial revolution 4.0 and continues to encourage people to be ready to enter the digital era.

He conveyed that until now the government has also continued to encourage digital infrastructure, especially internet networks, fiber-optic networks, and also device repairs, both 4G and 5G.

Moreover, several efforts have also been made by the government to improve people’s digital literacy, one of which is through the semi-social assistance program, namely the Pre-Employment Card Program which has reached many regions in Indonesia.

In addition to encouraging digital literacy, the program also provides training and social assistance so that people can start becoming new entrepreneurs.