West Jakarta Property Becomes the Most Favorite

Luxury Property Investments

Recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic that hit Indonesia is happening in several sectors, one of them is the property sector. Reportedly, the property business is starting to look good and selling well. The West Jakarta area is observed to be the target of people who want to buy property.

Director of Research Consultancy Savills Indonesia, Anton Sitorus, said that the western area of ​​Jakarta is currently one of the targets because it has advantages which are supported by infrastructure such as toll roads. This condition makes the western area of ​​Jakarta still a target.

“Development in the west, both commercial and supporting facilities, is more advanced. And some locations are still very busy developing,” said Anton, Tuesday (21/6/2022).

On the other hand, he said, in the last three years, the most prominent trend in buying property is the landed house. The factors of comfort and health are the drivers of increasing demand, either in ordinary housing or in independent cities.

So it is not surprising that currently many large developers have new projects whose sales are quite high and most of them come from independent urban housing. “There are several top developers who posted record sales,” he explained.

Director of Paramount Land, M Nawawi also admitted that currently the need for housing is still very high and will not change. This is given that the house is one of the basic needs that must be met by every human being.

Paramount Land itself is a leading developer who has built the Gading Serpong area.

Paramount Land is currently developing the Paramount Petals township which will be located on 400 hectares of land west of Jakarta. This area is chosen because the infrastructure development is very fast.

“Construction of toll roads, railway lines, then in the west of Jakarta there have been new cities. We make sure the western region is highly coveted and an option,” he explained.

Furthermore, his party has now created a city that can provide more value with various facilities at Paramount Petals.

The first cluster launched at Paramount Petals, the Aster cluster, has been selling well.

The type of house in the Aster cluster, he said, is unique, because it looks like one floor from the outside, and when viewed from the inside there are two floors. This cluster is in great demand because it is following the character of modern youth.

In addition, the second cluster currently being marketed is the Canna cluster. This cluster is no less interesting because it is a continued innovation from Aster, which has a modern and minimalist appearance with dimensions of up to 8 meters wide.

“We always want to innovate, if at Canna we create millennial products, modern minimalist style,” he said.