Try This 5 Simple Things to Improve Your Sleep Quality

Sleepless night ilustrations

Having a hard time to sleep is a common problem. Several studies have revealed that lack of sleep or poor sleep can cause a decrease in a person’s thinking power, concentration level, and ability to work. Therefore, It is important for you to improve your sleep quality.

Here are several things that you can do to improve your sleep quality:

1. Create a simple night routine

Turn off the lights before 10 o’clock, drink warm tea before bed, or read a light book before bed. Either way, getting used to a little routine at night aims to let your brain know that you will entering your bedtime schedule. It will starts sending signals throughout your body to get ready for bed.

2. Limit your nap time

Naps is good to improve our health. However, do not take a nap more than 20 minutes. It could leads to difficulty of sleeping at night. .

3. Avoid strenuous exercise before bed

Exercise can produce some kind of tiring effect that makes you fall asleep easily. Yet, this exercise could set your body to have a ‘fresh’ effect that keeps you awake.

4. Avoid heavy meals before bedtime

Heavy meals will make your digestive system work harder. This process could disrupt your sleep.

If you feel hungry at night, try to deal with it by eating simple snacks. Such as: biscuits, cereal, or milk.

Moreover, try to eat maximum 1 hour before you go to bed.

5. Avoid using electronic devices or gadgets before bed

Avoid working in bed so that your mind can be more relaxed. You are also advised to ‘forget’ for a moment various thoughts that have to do with work, deadlines, or exams. In addition, avoid the use of electronic equipment, such as TVs and cell phones when going to bed.