Covid-19 has Soared, Singapore Get Lockdown (Again)

Singapore Get Lockdown

Singapore implemented a ‘lockdown’ for a month. Covid-19 cases have increased again, the highest since 11 months ago, namely 195 daily Corona cases as of Tuesday (July 20, 2021).

The Singapore government said it had tightened restrictions on Covid-19 because the cases continued to increase. Including prohibiting eating activities in restaurants, limiting the maximum number of people allowed to gather from the previous maximum of five to only two people.

The Covid-19 cluster in Singapore has soared in recent weeks. These include the karaoke cluster, the Covid-19 cluster at the wet market, and the hawker center. This condition sparked concern among local authorities.

Meanwhile, data from the Singapore Ministry of Health last week recorded 480 Covid-19 cases. The increase in Covid-19 cases’ number shows transmissions’ number in the community has increased sharply.

“As we continue to conduct extensive testing for individuals exposed to infection’s risk, we can expect the number of cases to increase in the coming days,” he added.

Between July 12 to July 18, there was an average of 46 community cases detected per day. The highest cases number identified since April 2020, according to Singapore’s Health Ministry data.

The latest restrictions will take effect from July 22 to August 18. The rule is under a Phase II (highest warning) situation.

“The general message to everyone under Phase II (High Alert) is to stay at home, reduce your movement and social interactions as much as possible,” said Wong, Singapore’s Minister of Finance.