New Breakthrough, BJB Bank Credit Submission Can Be Accessed from Smartphone

Illustration: Bank

The rapid advancement of technology nowadays can facilitate people’s daily life. Now, by utilizing technology, people can apply for credit at PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat and Banten Tbk. (BJBR) or Bank BJB via their mobile phones.

To support the development of the technology infrastructure, the largest BPD in Indonesia is ready to cooperate with large international technology companies. In addition to providing convenience for the community, this program is also an event for accelerating digitization in Indonesia.

They hope that by cooperating with international technology companies, the acceleration of technology and digitalization access can be realized soon. One of the accelerated programs is mass/retail credit applications online via mobile phones.

However, it is not yet known which technology company will cooperate with bank BJB. Bank BJB ensures that in the near future they will announce the name of the multinational technology company.

Head of the Corporate Secretary Division of Bank BJB, Widi Hartoto, explained that the technology presented by Bank BJB made the banking experience more comprehensive.

Widi said, “Thanks to this technology, banking services are getting easier, it also feels like having a similar experience with services provided by fintech. Credit applications will also be able to be done through an application.”.

Widi emphasized that the innovations presented by Bank BJB are in line with the management strategy which continues to actively develop IT. Moreover, they also continue to boost business capital.

With the more advanced facilities in the technology sector, it will further increase the efficiency of Bank BJB in serving both personal and corporate customers. Moreover, he added, various information technology infrastructure supports owned by Bank BJB were already widespread.

“To become a formidable bank in the digitalization era, Bank BJB currently has an extensive network infrastructure, especially in West Java and Banten, and is even present in 14 provinces in Indonesia,” he said.

Widi added that Bank BJB currently has various advantages in the information technology (IT) and digitalization infrastructure sector. The company already has digital products that can pamper customers through “fintech-like” services.

By using this service, customers can access Bank BJB services wherever they are without having to come directly to the bank.

“This already strong network will become even stronger with digital-based services that provide an experience similar to fintech. So, we are not turning into a digital bank,” he said.

Regarding the opportunity to make Bank BJB a digital bank, he explained that for now they are still focusing on this form of bank, but have digital access. However, if you want to make Bank BJB a digital bank, he thinks it is better to establish a new subsidiary company or convert an existing subsidiary.

He also added that BJB Bank will always follow and monitor the latest trends. The goal is that they can provide up-to-date comfort, security, and convenience for customers