Wireless Charging Xiaomi Only Takes 19 Minutes to Charge a Full Battery

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After succeeding with 120W battery charging technology, Xiaomi is setting a new record in wireless charging technology. Xiaomi wireless charging only takes 19 minutes to fully charge the cellphone battery.

Previously, last year Xiaomi also introduced 30W wireless charging. Then in March this year, this Chinese company announced a breakthrough 40W so that the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra could be sold by introducing 50W wireless charging.

Currently, Xiaomi is showing off a modified Mi 10 Pro with wireless charging speeds almost twice, that is 80W. If the 30W wireless charging that was introduced last year alone took 69 minutes to fully charge the battery, Mi 80W technology can charge a 4,000 mAh capacity battery in just 19 minutes.

Quoted from SlashGear, despite advances in hardware and software, the battery that powers our cellphones has practically remained unchanged for years, even decades.

What all manufacturers can do is cram more of the same volatile chemical into the same size package, improve battery efficiency, or reduce downtime caused by charging.

The last point is the focus of the development of super fast battery charging technology among device manufacturers, and Xiaomi seems proud to claim that they are currently at the forefront of the fastest wireless charging technology available to consumers soon.