KCJB Train Powers Up with High-Voltage Electricity

The KCJB Fast Train Carriages Arrive in Indonesia from China

The commencement of the electricity distribution process to the four traction substations on the overhead catenary system (OCS) of the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Train (KCJB) marks a significant milestone after undergoing rigorous road testing. This development has sparked heightened awareness among the communities residing along the railway line, as they are now urged to exercise utmost caution due to the presence of high-voltage electricity.

Rahadian Ratry, the General Manager of Corporate Secretary at PT Kereta Cepat Indonesia China (KCIC), shed light on the electrification of the JBHST OCS network, emphasizing that it is now powered with an impressive voltage of 27.5 kilovolts (kV).

Spanning an impressive length of 384.6 kilometers, the OCS contact cables have been seamlessly installed along the extensive 142.3-kilometer KCJB track. Highlighting the strategic placement, Rahadian pointed out that the four crucial traction substations are strategically positioned in Halim, Karawang, Walini, and Tegalluar.

To ensure optimum safety and functionality, rigorous inspections were conducted on all components, networks, and electrical systems before the electrification process commenced.

This meticulous approach guarantees that the KCJB OCS network is well-prepared and adequately fortified to handle the formidable task ahead.

As the electricity surges through the OCS, PT KCIC is actively engaging with the surrounding communities, imploring them to exercise utmost vigilance when engaging near the high-speed train track. Rahadian emphasized the importance of this cautionary measure, stating, “People should be cautious when being around the JBHST track as they may be exposed to high-voltage electricity”.

The successful supply of electricity to the JBHST OCS signifies the seamless conversion of high voltage from the local power grid, along the vast expanse of the high-speed train’s route.

The intricate process, facilitated through the traction substations, adeptly transforms the high voltage into a single-phase industrial frequency AC current, peaking at an impressive 27.5 kV. This electrifying flow courses through the veins of the OCS network, situated high above the railway tracks, invigorating the high-speed train with the much-needed energy to propel it to its destination.

Ensuring compliance with stringent international standards, the entire system has been meticulously constructed to uphold superior quality, remarkable longevity, and unwavering operational security.

This commitment to excellence further solidifies the public’s confidence in the KCJB project, knowing that every facet has been thoughtfully crafted to deliver exceptional performance and uncompromising safety.

In light of the inherent risks associated with high-voltage electricity, PT KCIC has implemented a comprehensive range of precautionary measures, procedures, and emergency protocols to safeguard the KJCB’s electrical system.

These meticulously designed safety measures are a testament to the project’s commitment to preserving the well-being of all stakeholders involved, both within the railway infrastructure and the communities residing in its vicinity.

In light of the significant risks associated with unauthorized access and activities along the KCJB track, PT KCIC has issued a stern warning to the public, imploring them to refrain from venturing near the high-speed train’s path.

Urging the public to exercise a strong sense of responsibility, Rahadian issued a stark reminder, cautioning against theft or vandalism of electrical cables, contact cables, and other structural elements of the JBHST’s equipment and facilities.

Such actions pose a significant threat to the safety of KCJB passengers and compromise the integrity of the entire project. PT KCIC remains steadfast in its pursuit of creating a safe and efficient transportation system that benefits society as a whole.

As Rahadian concluded, “All of these prohibitions are intended to ensure the safety of communities along the track and the operational security of the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Train”.

This resolute commitment to public safety, coupled with unwavering dedication to operational excellence, solidifies PT KCIC’s role as a vanguard in the development of modern and secure transportation infrastructure.