Covid-19 Slopes, Jakarta Is Still the Highest Contributor


The spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia continues to slow down. As of Sunday (18/9/2022), there were 1,683 positive cases. The additional cases are actually in a downward trend when compared to the previous day Saturday (17/9/2022) as many as 2,079 cases. The DKI Jakarta area is still the largest contributor to cases.

The number of active cases today reached 27,858 people. Thus, the total number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia currently reaches 6,408,806, as of the first case announced by President Joko Widodo on March 2, 2020.

This refers to the data shared by the Covid-19 Task Force. The data can also be accessed by the public via the website.

The most additional cases were in the DKI Jakarta area with 794 new cases. Then followed by West Java with 260 cases and East Java with 195 cases.

Then, there are additional cases of recovered patients. Within a day, the number increased by 1,667 people. Thus, the total number of recovered cases of Covid-19 is currently recorded at 6,223,056 people.

Meanwhile, there are still eight Covid-19 patients who died in the period 17-18 September 2022.

The addition brings the total death toll from Covid-19 to 157,892 people. They also reported that currently there are 27,858 active cases of Covid-19.

The number of active cases increased by eight cases from the previous day. Active cases are patients who are still confirmed positive for the coronavirus and are undergoing treatment in a hospital or self-isolation.

In addition, there are also 39,855 people with suspect status. Meanwhile, the cumulative number of specimens that have been examined since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic is 107,942,059 out of a total of 70,443,316 people.

As of today, 39,855 specimens were examined from 19,691 people. From the same data, a daily positivity rate of 8.59 percent was recorded. However, if only based on the PCR and TCM swab tests, the positivity rate is 17.91 percent.

Furthermore, regarding national vaccination data, Indonesian residents who have received the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as a booster have reached 62,590,766 (62.59 million) or an additional 94,183 people have been added, according to data from the COVID-19 Task Force.

The data received in Jakarta, Sunday, also shows that 21,723 people have undergone the first vaccination. A total of 204,323,497 people have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine so far.

Meanwhile, recipients of the second vaccine have reached 170,930,726 people. This figure shows an increase of 20,469 people compared to Saturday (17/9).

The fourth dose, which is currently still reserved for health workers, has been given to 549,754 people so far, or an increase of 7,447 people.

The government targets 234,666,020 Indonesians to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to provide communal immunity or herd immunity from diseases that attack the respiratory system.