Electronic System Operator Will Strengthen Cyber ​​Security

Electronic System Operator Will Strengthen Cyber ​​Security

To prevent data leakage and strengthen the resilience of the cybersecurity system, the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemenkominfo) asked the Electronic System Operator (PSE) to test its security system.

The Minister of Communication and Information, Johnny G. Plate stated that one of the keys to strengthening cyber resilience is to reduce the occurrence of data leakage from within the Electronic System Operator.

“The cybersecurity system is very broad, including the resilience and sovereignty of one nation, in this case, the Republic of Indonesia. So, efforts must be made to ensure that cybersecurity is well-maintained. It has also been regulated in the Personal Data Protection Law [PDP Law], PSE must have a Data Protection Officer [DPO],” he said in a press release, Thursday (27/10/2022).

Furthermore, Johnny stated that there are three things that PSE needs to do to strengthen the resilience of the cybersecurity system. Starting from encryption technology, the availability of digital talent, and cybersecurity digital talent in all PSEs. This is because data leaks can come from within, not from outside.

“I would like to remind all SE providers, both private and public, domestic and global, to pay attention to the resilience against cyber attacks in the upstream (network/network), making sure that all endpoints have sufficient resistance to cyber-attacks. I ask with respect,” he said.

Johnny also believes that adequate cyber security must be a concern for all parties.

In fact, when cyber-attacks increase, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics together with the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency, as well as all government-owned devices, continue to collaborate.

“We all support BSSN, but BSSN as a regulator and which will monitor all of our cyber resilience and systems, needs to be supported by PSE capabilities that have a system with resilient cybersecurity,” he explained.