WHO Doesn’t Agree the Country Obliges Corona Vaccination


The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that they do not agree with the regulations about requiring the corona virus vaccine (Covid-19).
According to this agency that is under the auspices of the United Nations (UN), convincing the public regarding the benefits of vaccines is much more effective in attracting people to want to be vaccinated instead of obliging them.

Although the WHO has given freedom for all countries to carry out the corona vaccination campaign, this health agency considers that people being vaccinated is an inappropriate way to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

WHO considers that compulsory corona vaccination for every citizen will only be a boomerang for residents who have never waited for the Covid-19 vaccine.

“That mandates are not the right policy direction here, particularly for vaccines,” WHO Immunization Department Director Kate O’Brien told a virtual press conference on Tuesday.

“It would be better to encourage and facilitate such unconditional vaccination. I don’t think we want to see any country oblige vaccination,” she added.

Even so, O’Brien said there may be some professions such as medical personnel who need and are strongly advised to receive corona vaccinations for the safety of hospital staff and patients.

Meanwhile, WHO does not deny that many people still doubt the safety of the corona vaccine.

According to WHO’s Director of Emergency Affairs, Michael Ryan, his party and all interests in the world need to convince the general public to be vaccinated when it becomes available.

“The story about vaccines is good news. This is the victory of human efforts over the microbial enemy. We need to convince people and we need to convince them,” Ryan said.

Based on WHO data, there are 51 Covid-19 vaccine candidates that have entered the human trial phase. 13 of the 51 vaccine candidates have entered the final stages of mass trials.

Some countries has even planned to start vaccinations. Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, and Saudi Arabia will provide vaccines for free to all their citizens.

Meanwhile, the UK is preparing for its inaugural vaccination today. The UK became the first country to provide a vaccine from Pfizer / BioNTech for general use.