Mount Semeru Erupted

mount semeru

Mount Semeru erupted early this morning at around 03.10 WIB. The volcanic material from the eruption was reported to have filled the area of ​​Curah Kobokan Hamlet, Supiturang Village, Pronojiwo District, Lumajang.

Lumajang Regent Thoriqul Haq explained that hot cloud eruptions began at around 01.45 WIB until 04.33 WIB.

“Nearly 3 hours of activity was very high. This hot cloud activity increased and the lava avalanche began to increase to a distance of 11 kilometers accompanied by the descent of hot sand or lava to the Kobokan Bulk, “Thoriqul said in Surabaya, Tuesday (12/1/2020).

Thoriq said that from this activity, volcanic material was monitored in the Kobokan Bulk area with high sand reaching 30 meters from the riverbed.

“From the locations that have been monitored, including in the Kobokan bulkhead, the height of the sand or hot lava is 30 meters from the riverbed,” he added.

Thoriq continued, it is feared that this will have an impact on secondary eruptions. Secondary eruptions are eruptions that are below or sand that is spewed from Mount Semeru.

“At 10.18 WIB, the sand conditions are still hot and it is possible to worry about a secondary eruption in the hot lava area. A secondary eruption is an eruption that may occur in the sand descending from Semeru which is hot lava. The secondary eruption is an eruption after the main eruption, “ he concluded.