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WHO Cannot Conclude the Severity of the Kraken Variant

The Covid-19 virus has mutated again. In circulating reports, the newest variant, the Omicron XBB.1.5 subvariant or the Kraken Variant, is reported to have...

Indonesia’s Vaccine Coverage Becomes One of the Highest in the World

The Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia is showing a downward trend. The government has also revoked the limiting community activity regulation. However, WHO has not...

WHO: 90% of the World’s People Are Immune to Covid-19

Signs of the end of the Covid-19 pandemic are appearing. This is based on the predictions of the World Health Organization (WHO) which states...

WHO: The End of Covid-19 Is in Sight

The World Health Organization (WHO) provides the latest update on the COVID-19 pandemic situation. According to WHO, the world is currently in the best...

WHO Declares Monkeypox a Global Health Emergency

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the monkeypox virus a global health emergency on Saturday (23/7). This was conveyed directly by WHO Director-General Tedros...

WHO Determines Covid-19 in Jakarta Enters Level 3

In a report on the Covid-19 situation in Indonesia on July 13 yesterday, the World Health Organization (WHO) determined the Covid-19 spread in DKI...

WHO Has Recognized These 7 Types Of Vaccines

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized several types of Covid-19 vaccines are safe to use. They are known to issue an emergency use...

Jakarta’s Air Quality is the Worst in Indonesia

Air pollution is one of the DKI Jakarta problems which has not been able to be overcome by the government. Based on data released...

BA.2, New Virus Variant Called “Son of Omicron”

Viruses are known to always mutate, and the Covid-19 virus is no exception. After the Covid-19 virus had mutated and created a new variant,...

Vaccination Inequality Still Occurs, WHO Criticizes Vaccine Card Requirements

Policies related to vaccine card requirements have caused controversy for several parties amidst vaccination inequality in several regions in Indonesia.  Previously, the government required a...



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