DKI Secretary Saefullah Passed Away Because of Covid-19


DKI Regional Secretary Saefullah passed away after previously undergoing intensive care due to Covid-19.

“Our brothers, our best friends, the very good pious individuals who have been working with us have been summoned to Rahmatullah,” said DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan, in his written statement, Wednesday (16/9).

“Mr Saefullah died at 12.55 in RSPAD GS,” he continued.

He also asked people to pray for him. “Immediately take ablution water and this afternoon we all hold unseen prayers for the deceased,” said Anies.

Sri Haryati, DKI Jakarta Regional Secretary Daily Executive, also confirmed the news.

“It’s true [died], sir,” via short message to, Wednesday (16/9). “At 12.55 WIB,” he added.

Previously, Member of the Governor’s Team for the Acceleration of Development (TGUPP) Naufal Firman Yursak confirmed that Saifullah was undergoing intensive treatment due to Corona.

Apart from Saifullah, at least seven other DKI officials were also positively infected with Covid-19. Namely, DKI Jakarta Provincial Government Assistant Reswan W. Soewaryo, Head of DKI Jakarta Provincial Secretariat Government Bureau Premi Lasari, Head of DKI Jakarta Provincial Mental and Spiritual Education Bureau Hendra Hidayat.

In addition, the Head of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Park and Forests Office Suzy Marsitawati, PD Pasar Jaya President Director Arief Nasruddin, Head of the City Planning and Environment Bureau Afan Adriansyah Idris, and Chairperson of TGUPP Amin Subekti.