Update! Latest Price for Rapid Antigen Tests

Rapid Antigen Test

The latest prices for rapid antigen tests are officially set by the government. Previously, the government set the highest price for rapid antigen tests at IDR 250,000 for Java-Bali and IDR 275,000 for outside Java-Bali. 

Now the highest price for the rapid antigen test in those two islands is only IDR 99,000, while outside the Java-Bali area is IDR 109,000. This policy was taken in order to increase testing for Covid-19.

“From the results of the evaluation, we agreed that the highest tariff limit for the RDT antigen test was downgraded to IDR 99,000 for the Java-Bali and IDR 109,000 for outside Java-Bali,”

said Prof. Abdul Kadir, Director General of Health Services, Ministry of Health on Wednesday (September 1, 2021).

Evaluation is done through the calculation of several component costs. Namely services or human resources, human resource cost components, overheat, reagent components and consumables, and other components.

This rule also automatically replaces the old policies contained in Circular No. HK.02.02/I/4611/2020 issued as of December 18, 2020.

Prof. Kadir requested that all provincial and regional health offices carry out supervision and guidance related to this policy.

“The government will evaluate the maximum tariff limit for the rapid PCR test and the rapid antigen test to be reviewed periodically according to market needs and developments,” he said.

With this new policy, the government hopes that all health facilities can apply the maximum price limit that has been set.

“We hope that all health service facilities, including hospitals, laboratories, and other health facilities, will be able to meet the maximum RDT tariff limit,”

he said.