Wow! PCR Tests Price in Indonesia is Almost 10 Times More Expensive than in India

PCR Test

The New Delhi city government recently set the PCR price to 500 rupees or IDR 96 thousand. This price is down from the previous in the range of 800 rupees or the equivalent of IDR 150 thousand. For antigens, India sets the price for rapid antigen at 300 rupees, or around IDR 58 thousand.

According to Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi, via his Twitter, the reduction in the Corona tests price is to help people with ordinary economies.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, PCR tests price starts from IDR 800 thousand to millions rupiah with the lure of faster results coming out. The timeframe for PCR test results varies. Some are 24 hours, but some have to wait a few days.

The Indonesian Ministry of Health has set the highest limit rate for independent PCR swabs of IDR 900 thousand. The decision was taken after many parties suggested that the government set a standard tariff. Because the test price is considered too expensive.

Then for the rapid antigen test, the government has set a maximum price of IDR 250 thousand for Java Island. For available train stations, the price is set at IDR 105 thousand per person specifically for long-distance train passengers.

The Indonesian Ministry of Health confirmed that the determination of the highest price for PCR in Indonesia had been consulted with various parties.

“At the time of determining the SE PCR, consultations with various related parties including auditors were carried out, so the Ministry of Health didn’t make its determination, as well as the determination of the HET (highest retail price) for drugs,” said Siti Nadia Tarmizi, Director of Prevention and Control of Directly Infectious Diseases, Ministry of Health.

Siti Nadia said that her party was open to receiving criticism and suggestions. She also opened up the possibility of evaluating PCR prices if needed.