Black Fungus Disease in India Also Exists in Indonesia! These are the Characteristics

Black Fungus Disease

Black fungus disease is a dangerous fungal infection that can have a fatal impact on the body. This deadly disease is also known as mucormycosis.

This deadly black fungus disease recently attacked several people who had just positive to Covid-19. Specifically, those who are infected with coronavirus using excessive steroid drugs, comorbid diabetes sufferers, and weak immune systems.

This black fungus disease that killed Covid-19 sufferers in India also occurred in Indonesia. To increase your alertness, here are its characteristics.

Reporting from Verywell Health, a deadly black fungus disease’s characteristics can be seen includes:

  • Swollen face or lips
  • Congested nose
  • The area around the nose and eyes get redness or blackness
  • Fever body
  • Swollen nose

Deadly black fungus disease can attack the rhinocerebral (sinuses and brain), lungs, digestive tract, and skin. The germs that cause the black fungus are usually harmless to most people. However, for weak immune system sufferers, this disease can be dangerous. When inhaling mucormycetes fungal spores, the patient’s lungs to sinuses can have an infection that spreads to another body part.

People who find the characteristics of a black fungus infection need to consult a doctor immediately, especially for survivors or post-Covid-19. Always take care of yourself and your family’s health.