Watch Out! 7 Provinces in Indonesia are High Levels of Covid-19 Transmission

7 Provinces in Indonesia are High Levels of Covid-19 Transmission

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that seven provinces in Indonesia get very high Covid-19 transmission. WHO also recommends that strict restrictions remain in place.

The Situation Report-65 was released by WHO on Thursday (July 29, 2021). This situation report is routinely released weekly by WHO with case reports as of July 28, 2021.

WHO reveals weekly cases of Corona in seven provinces with very high transmission rates per 100,000 population.

“From July 19 to 25, the highest community transmission rates (CT4) were observed in seven provinces. In contrast to the six in the previous week; very high transmission rates per 100,000 population were reported in DKI Jakarta (688.6), DI Yogyakarta (362.9 ), East Kalimantan (248.9), North Kalimantan (213.3), Riau Islands (208.1), West Papua (198.1) and the Bangka Belitung Islands (178.0),” WHO wrote in its report.

WHO also recommends that restrictions remain in place. People must still be accustomed to following strict health protocols. The public needs to continue practicing physical distancing, washing hands, wearing masks, avoiding crowds, closed and close contact arrangements, and ensuring good ventilation to limit the Covid-19’s spread.

In addition, 10 of the provinces in Indonesia experienced an increase in transmission by up to 25%. The transmission of 50% or more cases occurred in North Kalimantan and South Kalimantan.

On the one hand, all provinces in Java (except Central Java) have a decrease in the number of reported cases. However, strict public health and social measures must continue to be implementing across the country.

Meanwhile, cases in Jakarta are on the decline. However, this figure is still relatively high.

“Java and Bali have seen sharp increases since June. Weekly cases of Covid-19 increased in six provinces during the week of July 19 to 25. Although DKI Jakarta reported a decline in cases, it remained at the highest level of the community transmission scenario in the past six weeks. DI Yogyakarta also remained on CT4 in the last three weeks,” he said.