The Minister of Finance Said That 2022 Was a Brutal Year

The Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani, at the opening ceremony of the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2023 (IDX Channel)

2022 has passed by all obstacles and obstacles. Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani at the opening ceremony of the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2023, Monday (2/1/2023) even called 2022 a brutal year.

“On the 31st, on the exchanges of developed countries, it was called in 2022 a very brutal year,” said Sri Mulyani.

She admitted that 2022 was a tough year for the economy, especially for the capital market sector. In 2023, the problem had not subsided, so she considered this year to be the year of examinations in managing the economy.

During the 2022 period, more than US $ 30 trillion in market capitalization was lost in various stock exchanges in other countries, so in that year Sri Mulyani said investors instead of creating added value from the capital he planted instead of losing.

Meanwhile, on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, market capitalization during the closing of trade last year was even recorded at 15% or equivalent to US $ 600 billion. The amount of capitalization is the fruit of the development of the number of investors in the domestic capital market to 10.3 million.

“The exchangers for the first to close 2022 are very resilient with challenges that are certainly not easy. This is a good provision entering 2023,” said Sri Mulyani.

As for this year, she said, it would be a year of examinations for the economy because economic actors must be faced with efforts to control global inflation, prevent recessions from occurring and increase the rate of economic recovery from the impact of the Pandemic Covid-19.

“KSSK will continue to work to maintain national economic stability, especially the financial sector because this will be a very heavy test for us all facing 2023 which is mentioned as the exam year,” he said.

Therefore, to strengthen the stability of the economy in 2023, Sri Mulyani stressed, the government together with the DPR had agreed on the presence of the Financial Sector Development and Strengthening Law (P2SK Law). The aim is to strengthen and deepen instruments in the financial sector and regulations.

“For 2023 the emphasis on integrity, accountability, and credibility will be supported by the implementation of the P2SK Law that has been set,” said Sri Mulyani.