President Adds 13 New National Strategic Projects


The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, has decided to add 13 new national strategic projects (PSN). To that end, the Committee for the Acceleration of Priority Infrastructure Provision (KPPIP) encourages these 13 new PSN constructions to be timely and on target. So, where did this development fund come from?

The determination of the 13 new PSNs is contained in the Regulation of the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs No.9/2022 concerning Amendments to the Regulation of the Coordinating Minister for the Economy No.7/2021, concerning Amendments to the List of National Strategic Projects.

Secretary of the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy (Kemenko Ekonomi) Susiwijono said the government always evaluates the progress of each PSN, including related to project financing.

According to him, the addition of 13 new PSN projects and the trimming of several projects are not fully related to the state budget.

“The PSN always has an evaluation, there are criteria, which priority can be completed in 2024, right, it will be evaluated at any time. Oh no, the financing is not only from the State Budget,” he said when met at the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy complex, Wednesday (10/10). 8/2022).

He said that each PSN project already has its portion and source of financing. Based on data from the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy, the government has completed 135 PSN by June 2022.

Cumulatively, from 2016 to semester I/2022, at least 135 PSNs have been completed with an investment value of IDR 858 trillion.

“The funding is not only from the state budget. The estimate is later on asking Pak Wahyu for details, how many 200 projects, then how many PPP [government-enterprise partnerships], then from the budget [APBN] how much, there are details,” he said.

The following is a list of the 13 new national strategy projects (PSN):

  1. Palapa Ring Integration
  2. Development of Deep Coconut and Its Derivative Industries, West Papua
  3. Development of Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM) Ir. H. Djuanda/Jatiluhur II, DKI Jakarta and West Java
  4. The Thousand Islands Tourism Project, DKI Jakarta
  5. Railway Logistics Infrastructure, East Kalimantan
  6. Development of the Indonesian Konawe Industrial Park (IKIP), Southeast Sulawesi
  7. Development of Special Economic Zones in Southeast Sulawesi
  8. Rukoh Dam and Rukoh Dam Steering Building in Aceh
  9. Large-Scale PLTS in the Riau Archipelago
  10. Integration of PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) through the establishment of SugarCo, PalmCo, and supporting
  11. PT Vale Indonesia Integrated Smelter Development Project in Bahodopi, Central Sulawesi
  12. PT Vale Indonesia Integrated Smelter Development Project in Pomala, Southeast Sulawesi
  13. Electric Battery Nickel Smelter in East Halmahera, North Maluku